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 I was introduced to the world of photography many years ago by my uncle who although a hobbyist, was lovingly known as “our family photographer”.  He was there for every occasion capturing and permanently documenting our family gatherings and celebrations through artistic images, creating a lasting memorial of family and loved ones.  When he gave me my first camera, an old Konica film camera, it opened my eyes to the world of “making a photograph” and not just “taking a snap shot”. It was at that moment I realized that a picture can tell a story in depth and dimension bringing an everlasting life to a brief moment in time.


Like my uncle, I am self-taught and started as a hobbyist but continue to strive for excellence in shaping the experience, telling the story and preserving the feeling through unique reflections. My passion is fueled by bringing to life the photographs for you that recount your story and turn those brief moments into lasting, treasured heirlooms.  Located in Monmouth County I am available for in studio sessions or on-location.

My goal is to not only create beautiful visuals but to provide personalized customer service resulting in exceptional and meaningful memoirs. Bookings are limited to allow me to provide you with professionally processed quality photographs from capture to delivery.  I look forward to meet with you to discuss how I might create those images that do the same for you and those you love.

Let me tell your story.


Contact me

Tel: 908-907-1791

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